Hi everyone, I’ve have been dealing with Candida for years and recently got a diagnosis of Lyme . I have also been having hormonal issues with cramping during periods and horrible mood swings as well as bv and yeast infections and digestive health. I’ve been struggling for a while now and just want to feel better. I’m looking for some holistic treatments for the yeast infections. I’ve already tried different things but looking to see if anyone else has any other ideas. Thanks

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  • Knightstarr


    Just for the yeast infections because I have no idea how to get rid of the candida, eat a lot of yogurt and when it acts up put vinegar on it

  • Deidra


    Hello Bacon. My name is Deidra. I've been having all the symptoms you've been having. I've tried everything and spoke with my doctor. They believe other factors maybe causing these symptoms. Do you understand Lyme disease and what are the signs and symptoms? Risk factors? Thanks for info in advance

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