Totally feel like I don’t deserve my FP. Does anyone else feel like the person who shows you the most grace, compassion, and understanding is the person you get mad at the most? He’s too good to me and I feel so ashamed. But at the same time I’m so incredibly lucky that he understands me.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • esh


    I feel this. It’s definitely because we are the most vulnerable to our FP. They see sides of us that we don’t show other people. If they do anything that makes us feel even slightly invalidated or unloved it is very triggering because we have given them everything and hold them on a pedestal so when they let us down it feels like they end of the world like “how could I have trusted you” plus we will push our FP away because we want them to fight for us back. We are “testing” their love for us so we push back reeeally hard. I’m in the same boat friend❤️

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