Does anyone else have three or more different inhalers. I have morning inhaler, and night inhaler, an emergency inhaler, and I take montelukast to help strengthen my breathing. Everytime I take out my medication bag people look at me like I'm dying.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)



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  • juiceambassador


    i have a bunch of inhalers, but mostly due to just getting new ones every few years while having not finished off the old ones

  • wise


    I take montelukast and have a rescue inhaler, an anticholinergic inhaler, and I'm still trying to find the right inhaled steroid. I was on flovent, couldn't afford it. tried symbicort but insurance wouldn't cover it because it's generally used for COPD (which I have) and I am a 23 year old non smoker. advair DPI was too difficult for me to use because I have generalized muscle weakness, AND it completely killed my voice. can you believe I went to college for music education and vocal performance? I have a literal duffle bag of medications, and I take my nebulizer machine if I have to travel and I'll be away from home for more than a day or two

  • TriscuitsMom


    I (should but frequently forget) take Trelegy in the morning. I take montelulast every night at bedtime. For rescue, I have both inhaled and updraft Albuterol. For acute flare ups, my pulmonologist has prescribed a medrol dose pack and a course of azithromycin. The azithromycin has an off label anti inflammatory piece to help the asthma flare up.

  • Cas_499


    Be careful of montelukast, there's a black box warning out for it. My doctor never told me and I got a lot of bad side effects from it.

  • AlwaysCongested


    When I read your post, I got the feeling you were me 20 years ago. So many drugs and still I was so sick. I thought I was going to die. I ended up going to a naturopath. He identified about 60 foods for me to avoid. It was extremely difficult to not eat those foods and it took a few months for all the inflammation to go away, but I stuck with it and got off most of the drugs. I only use the drugs now when in I fall off the wagon and eat things I shouldn't. Now days they call it an anti-inflammatory diet. There are books available now to help. I still miss the ice cream and cake and all the other stuff I can't eat but I am so happy to be alive and so much healthier. I'm now starting to eat lots of fermented foods with the hope of increasing the good bacteria in my gut. I'm wishing there are good bacteria out there that can improve my digestion and allow me to eat whatever I want. I hope you find something that works for you rather than all the drugs. The drugs gave me Osteoporosis which I'm fixing by taking AlgaeCal and going to a place for OsteoStrong sessions. It's working but it takes a long time to totally reverse the damage. I've been treating the Osteoporosis this way for 2 years and have gained 18% of my bone back. At this rate, I'll be free of Osteoporosis in another 2 years. Not covered by insurance but it works. I'm sending you good thoughts to discover your magic bullet.

  • Rahaflikesbees


    I only have a morning inhaler, and a night inhaler. Try to ignore them since they don't know what you're going through.

  • PBj


    I have two, one twice daily and an emergency

  • Charmer


    I have a rescue inhaler, and take monkulast daily, at night. So far, ok...

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