Wrist pain with EDS? for like three or four years now I have had this recurrent wrist pain in my left wrist, like it hurts with pressure and movement and occasionally makes my fingers ache. I am assuming its nerve related. Anyone else also have this? I am only 17 and it is crazy to think I have started getting all the issues my mom had.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Achilles22


    Yeah I also have wrist pain, from my personal experience it’s due to all the sublexing (partial dislocation) which then cause reaccuring inflammation in the joint area.

  • LoisPain


    I have been seeing a hand specialist for a few yrs due to wrist and hand/finger pain. I have had occupational therapy to strengthen my fingers and try to learn how NOT to hyperextend my fingers and wrists in everyday normal activities . They have fitted me with finger splints and wrist braces which I wish I wound have used as I was supposed to. Finally now after my entire life of being able to very easily be able to bend all of my fingers back to the back of my hand and .y thumbs falling to my wrists with no effort, I have so much damage and swelling in these joints that they now barely go to the 90° point without pain. I can't no longer open bottles or jars or turn keys in doors and even turning a steering wheel is painful. I am having surgery in 10 days to attempt to remove damaged tissue due to chronic inflammation due to the unnatural movement and wear and tear this has caused to these joints as well as having my ulnas in both arms shortened as they are both slightly too long and are causing further damage to my wrist bones. I have learned from my hand specialist that there are several hand conditions that EDS patients are prone to and should truly seek medical attention for if you are suffering pain and symptoms that don't seem normal....they only get worse in time and may be able to be prevented if addressed early on. I am 55 yrs old and began experiencing problems in my mid to late 20s and wrote it off to my occupation because I had not been diagnosed yet so didn't know my risk factors. Don't make my mistakes please. I have lost use of my hands and are only trying to stop further damage and pain. (And also please, no party tricks...just because you CAN, does t mean you SHOULD hyperextend!!!)

  • Ornith


    I used to have and sometimes still have a lot of wrist pain. If you have to do any lifting, wrist braces can be a big help. Physical therapy is a gift if you can get it. Otherwise, just be conscious about the angle you hold your wrist at when grabbing things. You might be hyperextending without realizing it

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