Any coping skills for when your brain is racing and your legs are restless? I feel like I just keep thinking about stuff constantly and can’t do anything productive with this “energy” (still extreme fatigue and body tired). Journaling and meditations have not been able to calm this down

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  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Dancing? Doodling?

  • Regis


    For reaching thoughts warm milk helps calm the brain and mind. Also mindfulnesses breathing quiet the mind. So lay down. Hands on stomach slow deep breath theory ur nose at count or 7. Hold for count of 4 let out slowly at a count of 11. This refocuses the mind on the bath, keeps the king in the present moment instead of reaching. It calms the mind and body ace can put you to sleep. Magnesium glycinate is really good to reduce anxiety

  • IllMermaid


    Prayers! For me therapy and Nabumetone was prescribed to help my restless nerves. Ultimately it just took time for my body to not be in that response mode from trauma

  • Marface


    Look up some meditation grounding techniques, they really help me get out of my own head at least for a little while and it makes the anxiety feel less overwhelming and like something you can control. Don't try to figure out how to do those grounding techniques when you're in the thick of it, but try it when you're having good days or doing nice things like eating your favorite thing or something similar. With that practice you'll have a better chance of getting in front of the racing anxiety train.

  • meyboll


    Yeah Me too

  • lindywoo


    if you are able to in the moment, i love to take a video on my computer or phone and just rant abt everything or act like you’re in a youtube video lol. it might sound cheesy but honestly it helps me calm down and get my mind off of things

  • AlternateHeart


    I like to do mindless work, like clean the house when i have racing thoughts. If its nice out I'll go for a long drive or a long walk with my dog

  • JJIsTired


    i like to listen to music and really focus on the lyrics to keep me distracted

  • ShellBell420


    I had to get on medication to stop with my restless legs. I ended up being diagnosed with RLS (restless leg syndrome) My Dr put me on a medication called "Carbadopa/Levadopa" it actually helped alot!

  • Jonnysgirl


    Look up "body scanning".

  • MatchaBunn


    When I have so much energy in my body, I try to get up and move in some way. Can you swing? Jump? Or maybe something more pain-friendly, you could do some gentle stretching and yoga-like poses. It’s important to move this energy through your body, because doing it through your thoughts can be so damaging and take you further away from your goals. It sounds like you have great skills in place for the more cognitive side of things, like journaling. If there’s any other techniques you’d like to explore that way, I’d recommend brain dumping and challenging your anxieties with positives and small actions you can do.

  • Sparkelmoondust


    Sometimes writing out stuff you have to do can help

  • phoebs


    i feel the same way all the time. it is really exhausting. when i try to stop it, i feel like i overthink it and make it worse. i’m new to this app and i’m looking forward to being here.

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