Hey all! I recently got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and am wondering if I actually have it or if it’s my doctor just throwing a diagnosis at me. I’m not in pain everyday. But when I do have pain it’s bad. Often times random joints hurt to the point where I think I’ve sprained them. Sometimes just one sometimes everywhere hurts. Does anyone here have “mild” fibromyalgia? Thanks

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  • JustRachelle


    I think I was misdiagnosed or maybe it is fibromyalgia but I also have something else too.. simply because doctors are supposed to rule out everything that could be wrong and if nothing comes up it’s “fibromyalgia” . The rheumatologist I saw 6 years ago looked at me and said “well you look healthy and you’re young.. it’s just fibromyalgia here’s a prescription to help with pain.. DONT worry it’s not anything serious or progressive” Here I am now, having all kinds of symptoms and feeling worse than I ever have. Smh

  • FibroMH


    There are tests for fibromyalgia. Look up rest or see someone who specializes in at. I have it.Write again when and if youre sure and Ill tell you what helps me.

  • teeny


    some doctors do use fibromyalgia as a catch all chronic pain diagnosis, i would recommend seeing a rheumatologist just so you can rule out any other possible issues and then move forward from there

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