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i have a lot of scary things going on w me that im recently finding out are not “normal” and it’s gotten progressively worse over the last year. im already making a mass list of everything for my next dr appt (it’s my first time as an adult w/o my mom there manipulating the dr) but im terrified they’ll think im faking because it could seem like how did she not go to the drs? im just not sure how at all to interact and explain what im going through in a way that’s genuine i guess? my therapists are rlly worried about my health so i know im not crazy but it seriously feels like i am.

anyone have tips for my first time really explaining my symptoms to the dr?

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  • Katty


    I would make a spreadsheet of the symptoms, when you experience it, what make it better/worse, and descriptive words to describe it. Ex. Stomachs ache; in the mornings; pepto bismal and sleep; spicy foods and stress; stabbing from the inside of the stomach out and tingling. I would also bring possible things you think might explain it to ask the doctor about. This will help you effectively communicate your symptoms so they can run the correct tests. Best of luck!

    • RMac25


      I work as a Medical Assistant and this is exactly how the Doctor/MA is going to ask your symptoms or what is bothering you today.

  • itsnotlupus


    Just be forthright and tell them that you now have freedom to express your concerns and that you've compiled a list. They can go over your 'problem list', and identify a plan to help. Don't fear the doctor - they're here to help :) I work as a nurse and everyone I know in it would never judge someone for that. I hope that you find what you need to feel better! Also if you're not officially diagnosed yet, there are testing sites that will have a couple counseling sessions then a few test things to figure ya out real good :D it helps knowing!

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