What coping mechanisms work for you? I’m trying more exercise and meditation. They’re helping a little.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • spoonii


    Distraction is one that works best for me. just rlly focusing on something else like music or a movie or video. sometimes grounding techniques work like finding 5 things i can see, 4 i can touch, 3 i can hear, 2 i can smell, and 1 i can taste.

  • Kittycuddler


    Meditation definitely. I also like having a few mantras ready to repeat to myself reminding myself I’m safe and secure or whatever it is that’s needed in a moment.

  • Bipolar_Barbie


    Let me first say, I Am Not an athletic person. But I have been shocked but how effective physical exercise has helped. I have many other recommendations, you're welcome to ask more specifically. But as far as free and effective options, exercise-of any variety-has proven the most effective for me 👍

  • Maypie


    When I'm in the midst of emotion I end up visualizing my bad feelings/emotions as like, shards in my chest and as i breathe deeply and slowly i visualize some of them getting picked up by the airflow as it swirls around my lungs and back out. Eventually it picks up most of it and I slowly feel less intense stuff

  • Pfeiffer


    I’ve switched to more a movement mindset rather than exercise, I will dance to my favorite music or more like a kinergy session that has a mental component as well as physical.

  • AngeCak


    Yoga 🙌

  • Jv


    Music is a great one for me

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