Hi everyone, I’m 27, and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Sustained a concussion 2 years ago, and fibro basically transpired from that. I mostly deal with widespread pains and I would love to receive any tips on what eases the pain, and just find a community who understands! :)

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  • Pearline


    Hello Erica I take Lyrica and Arthritis Pain relief. I use heating pads! It all helps my Fibro pain!🙏😊

    • erica_


      thank you, happy that works for you! I think lyrica is the next route my doctor may take since gabapentin has been neutral, not very helpful.

  • KJ_


    Muscle relief magnesium spray (I add lavender) Ginger and turmeric. Changing my diet from absolute shit to adding healthy foods really helped.

  • PeppermintAnn


    massaging/rolling out my legs and back (my two worst pain areas) has helped me release some tension - even tho it hurts to do, it personally helped me. followed up by a heating pad and relaxation. also taking cymbalta and it takes the edge off the pain!

  • Teardrops


    I try a lot of things but I have yet to find much that helps me. I have gotten pain in my thumbs and got injection in my right wrist which did help. I need to get my left one done. I use heating pad, ice packs, I have used gabapentin, lyrica, essential oils, cymbalta. I don’t remember what else. OTC meds don’t work. I have tried prescription pain patches and oral pain patches. No results. I take hot baths with epsom salt.

  • Sarahjean


    you just told my story!

  • MsDaisyMae


    Hi there! I take gababetin and flexeril to beat most pain. Cutting back on sugar, pasta and bread. Hydration beats the cramps and maybe other conditions. Rest well. Fibromyalgia is different for each person. I was diagnosed when I 23 and it can feel lonely. You got us!

  • kitajenn


    I use aspercream with lidocaine. I don't believe in pills, as they really don't work!

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