How do you perform better in work/school when you are constantly forgetting important info about the task you are doing. It’s getting bad to the point where I’m forgetting what I’m talking about as I’m speaking. And I have to pause for about a minute to remember (if I do). I don’t know how I’m supposed to learn in school if I’m forgetting how to solve formulas that have a specific way of solving that needs to be remembered.

Chronic Memory Loss

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  • seducedbymadness


    Unfortunately, I had to drop out of college & go on disability. I can’t remember shit & my focus has only gotten worse. I wish I could help you more. 😥

  • Irish


    ✋ it's frustrating no doubt, I get so upset with myself. I write everything down I can't rely on my memory anymore. I wish I can tell you it gets better. For me it hasn't I don't know what to tell you.

  • zenflower


    i’m out of college but i started struggling with this my junior year. it’s like i’d blackout and forget everything i studied for or planned to say. currently i have to rely on planners to help me remember tasks or else i’d forget

  • Emo_Enby_99


    I set regular alarms for shit I'd normally forget to do. Dropped out of college. I hold a job only because I just put things on shelves and I don't work alone. If I forget something then I'll look at what the other person is doing and match. I also keep a written list of little hints on the cart I use at work.

  • Y0g1


    Finding a job that works for you. I am currently nannying- I have nannied for years and years now but this job was different- I was very precise on what kind of job I wanted- 1 child (a baby) part time. I work 3 days a week and with essentially every family I work for I make a notebook. The notebook includes when I get there and leave, when the baby naps, when diaper changes happen, when they get a bottle and how many ounces they drink, and tummy time. This helps me to ensure I don’t let the day get away from me and it’s helpful to the parents in creating a schedule, even loosely, that helps them with what to expect and when about the same time each day. The rhythm it puts me in helps a ton as well because then i am able to lol ok back over the day and remember the things that had happened. I also use my phone. To keep notes at times- as the baby falls asleep on me and I can’t reach the notebook, so I can still put the information in the notebook before I leave for the day

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