Will the mucus in my neck ever go away? It’s hurts. My
Doctor said she wants me
To stick to omeprozole and she’s not ready to have me see a gastroenterologist yet.. will the omeprozole eventually work? It’s been two weeks

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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  • AnnaXO94


    I personally didn’t have results with omeprazole but did with protonix. It does take a while for it to kick in though. I would ask again for a GI referral if it hasn’t improved in a month of using it.

  • Columbus


    For how long have you been taking omeprazole? This drug helps, give it a chance

  • Aubri


    2 weeks

  • Medically_Challenged


    Omeprazole worked great for me but I had to take it twice a day once in the morning once at night. As for you doctor denying you the GI you should fight that. Your gastroenterologist is the only doctor you should be seeing. They will help you explore different medications, diets, and give you an endoscopy to check the health of your esophagus. I think it’s concerning that your doctor is holding you back from getting the help you need.

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