for the ladies does your monthly cycle mess with your blood sugar this is the first time ive had it since i got diagnosed and my sugar stays high no matter what i do

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Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)


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  • alliecat36


    I'm not sure honestly. I was diagnosed a year ago with type 2 and my cycles were heavy and stopped after like 3 days then came back even heavier two days later. I ended up having a hysterectomy in April of this year. They started me out on metformin and insulin (18units a day) but a few months ago I went to jardiance once a day. I still struggle with mine some days. Even when I do eat right

  • Zebrabri


    It does for me. Depending on how heavy I am is how much it effects me. I just adjust my meds for it and not stress to much since it's not for very long. My doctor said it was normal as our blood sugar rises with any stress.

  • Mz505


    Mine have been the same since I was younger and haven’t noticed really a change.

  • Taybor


    i forgot as a side note: My doctor did not put me on medication when i was diagnosed she wanted me to try and lose weight and try lowering my A1C that way

  • Mimi3


    Um no well not for me my sugar drops to the 60 and 50 when my cycle comes

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