So I’m a trans guy. My chest leans on the larger side and causes me a lot of dysphoria. At home I can wear just a big T shirt and be fine. But in public it’s different. I’ve learned because of sensory issues and just how sensitive my ribs are, binders are basically a no and I struggle really hard with sports bras. Been struggling with them a lot more recently. I plan on trying chest tape when I can afford it but are there other options I could try?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Lyd


    Hmmm. Personally, I would try an undershirt with your most comfortable bra if you haven’t already. Have you tried a minimizer? They are a tad different than sports bras.

  • benjamin0000


    i agree with the other comment, maybe layer clothes. also baggy stuff reallyyyyy helps

  • doodlydoo


    If you've already tried gc2b, those were the most comfortable binders I'd ever had. I'm almost 5 yrs post op, but I'd recommend those, and try reducing the duration of wearing them (if you can help it). Most other methods and compression tanks aren't as safe. If you feel your breathing is restricted or if your ribs are in pain, then it might not be the best option.

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