Before starting levothyroxine I had horrible chapped lips. As in, nothing would help the nonstop peeling. I still have dry skin despite the minor improvements and have dealt with dry scalp for nearly a year. Is this a symptom that’s very common with hypothyroidism, or should I assume that this is something different? Also, maybe some dry skin / scalp product recommendations?


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  • wowwie


    yeahh i still have terribly dry skin. i try to moisturize everyday and i dont really use a specific shampoo for my dry scalp but i try to avoid any hair product with tea tree oil in it because that makes my skin super flakey

  • Amelia1998


    I use raw coconut oil on really dry spots, it seems to work pretty good. Especially if you use it right out of the shower or bath

  • coolweirdo


    I have a hard time getting myself to moisturize daily. I started using in-shower water-activated lotion and I'm not saying it's super helpful for moisturizing but I will say I'm moisturizing now when I wasn't consistent before.

  • Daylilydreamer


    To be blunt, it feels like everything is a symptom of hypothyroidism 😆

  • Noodlez


    I get a hardcore dry scalp too. Good meds really are what helps the most. It disappears for me when my dosage is correct.

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