I have a first date on thursday and i’m so nervous. He knows i’m autistic but i still don’t really understand how the whole dating thing works and the steps and such. Does anyone have an autistic friendly way to explain it??

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • chillspoon


    I had this same problem. For me I looked at it as doing an activity while playing yourself up. Wearing your favorite clothes, sharing who you are with someone new. It’s a combination of listening and talking basically. I don’t think that was very helpful but I tried.

  • itsnotlupus


    Being genuinely "you" is good. If the relationship evolves they'll learn the real you either way, no need to hide :) Do something enjoyable that can occupy your hands and some of your attention so that you don't stim too badly from feeling anxious. The steps are usually conversational, then gentle tactile things like touching a hand or a hug, and so forth. Only do what's comfortable for you and if it feels wrong, tell them - they aren't mind readers even if we wish they were :D I think that cooking together is fun, just use a fairly simple recipe, and you two can congratulate yourselves on working together and learn if they're open to cooperative activities in the meantime

  • limpytwin


    I just want you to enjoy it an know it can work out! My fiance is autistic and we are getting married in July. And although at times it's difficult I have to remind myself you guys just see the world differently, I've researched how to help my fiance feel more comfortable and how to more effectively understand him. But I love him with all my heart

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