Hey I am new here and like my online self to be identified as Jingles. But anyways late December 2021 I was diagnosed with Pcos and i heard about a diet i need to do and start cutting sugars and consume less calories. Thing is I’m 19 and weigh in at 103lbs and 5”3, i come here not to receive judgement but help on the why i could be having trouble conceiving when i am taking things like my daily vitamins, Ovasitol, trying to do my diet, ect.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Angie


    First of all, you’re doing your best and it could take some time :) do you have regular periods? If the answer is yes it is somehow easier to conceive… if it’s not regular- it’s harder to know when the ovulation occurs.

  • Chronic_In_College


    I have PCOS as well and I can tell you that not all treatments work the same for everyone. The diet was not beneficial for me. If a dr is telling you to diet it’s one thing, but from my experience it seems like a diet may make it more difficult. With your current height and weight, dieting could be dangerous and could cause you to lose your periods all together. It actually sounds to me like you may need to be eating more, not less. I hope this doesn’t come across as judgemental; I spent two years in ED treatment and usually would never comment on weight. But drs and society tend to suggest eating less even when that can be far more dangerous than helpful. You can stick with PCOS safe foods if that makes you more comfortable, but I would think that the next step is to increase your calorie intake.

  • Lilac777


    Doctors do this to a lot of people with pcos, especially because a lot of us are usually on the bigger side. If you can I’d get blood work done to see if what you were told is true. I got some done and my pcos thankfully doesn’t effect the diet change being an absolute (although I am plus sized) everyone with pcos is different and not all of us need massive diet changes (still get a doctors advice if you can tho). Conceiving with pcos can be a hassle but not impossible I’m not planning on it myself but I know that knowing what menstrual cycle you do have can help with that. I wish you so much luck and I think you’d be a nice parent!

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