Hey all, I struggle with sound/other sensory stuff when I’m in stores and in bad days at home too. Because of this, im trying to find a good pair of ear plugs that might help me not be so overwhelmed in loud environments. Im also trying to find some fidget objects that aren’t too noticeable to use. If y’all have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Uncanny


    Oh my lord I have these earplugs called Loop and they are. SO AMAZING. They're really inexpensive for their quality and you can get them online, just search for Loop Earplugs and the website should pop upm

  • Crim


    I use these stretchy ropes and they have been a life saver for me. I usually just openly stretch it and wrap it around my hand but it can very easily be squeezed into your hand and used as a stress ball or shoved in your pocket and you can still fidget with it.

  • Snowy


    I have these earplugs called Vibes and they are awesome!! Same concept as Loop, but I think these are cheaper and came out before Loop (or at least before I heard about Loop). They are also more subtle. They are clear, whiteish plastic with a squishy white nub that goes in your ear like normal earbuds. I use them to go to concerts and stuff because they preserve sounds quality while reducing the decible level. I also use them when I have a migraine and get even more sensitive to sound than normal but have to do things. They keep me aware of my surrounding while making everything less painful. Last I checked, Vibes cost like $22. Good luck!

  • pastabowl


    i really love silicone earplugs, especially for showers. although they may run out slightly quickly, they're not very noticeable and very easy to carry around in bags. loop earplugs are a great alternative 👍

  • LilithTheFae


    I have the loop earplugs from Amazon. Stores are more tolerable now

  • maraisaglass


    Fidget spinners are cool!

  • Boy_Blue


    raycon earbuds

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