I’m curious what other’s urticaria triggers are. Mine are pressure, hot or cold, tight clothing, activity/exercise, getting a scratch, and standing in one spot too long.

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  • Aleshanee


    Mine is water!

  • Lonnie


    Same here Ellie. My feet itch the worse from wearing shoes and standing what do you do to help the itching?

  • Ellie24


    I take a non drowsy antihistamine each morning like xyzol. But when my feet do break out in hives I run cold water over them and then elevate them. Then just wait for the itching to subside

  • Lonnie


    I have dermatography which is a systemic response to pressure. I also found Grierson-Gopalan syndrome. Interesting read but unpleasant sensation. I take 4 Zyrtec every day. And 3 h2 antihistamine as well as xoliair injections and still have the itching. I have nearly ruin the skin on my feet.

  • Ellie24


    Oh that’s no fun! Do you do any non-pharm stuff that you’ve found helps?

  • Lonnie


    I have sheets that go into the refrigerator and I apply those to my body. It's not comfortable but better than itching. I would love to take a hot shower, but it aggravates everything.

  • Ellie24


    Gosh that sucks. It’s crazy how are bodies just freak out about everyday things

  • KT333





    My triggers are heat, pressure, scratches, water (but especially saltwater) tight clothes, seams, artificial dyes, stress, and latex

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