Hi! I’m new here. I was wondering whether anyone has tried anything that has helped chronic fatigue?

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  • HopeWarrior


    I have chronic fatigue and long haul - my neurologist prescribed contrave for an off label use. I have a window of energy in the AM then I crash. Since taking that it’s expanded my window of activity. Also I have tremors from the hyper pots which used to be just heat related but switched to everyday. Of all the things I have with my health I detest the tremors. My neurologist prescribed amantadine which is a Parkinson’s drug that I take in the afternoon. It totally helps my tremors and gives me a boost of energy and clearer thinking. I read a study where it gave people with MS similar results. My thinking would be that MS is an autoimmune disorder so we must have something similar. I’m used to working full time in a trauma center as a rn, grad school and mini vacations every other month… then Covid struck and I’m screwed but working my way back to a life

  • Zbra


    This is honestly so helpful, thanks so much!! I’m not sure whether I have hyper-POTS or not, but definitely things I’ll ask my doctor about

  • feellicks


    maybe try light therapy and make sure you are getting the right vitamins. I've noticed im a lot more alert when I get sunlight. salt pills also help!

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