it kind of bothers me that this is the only category for non epileptic seizures they have on here, mine aren’t caused my trauma or any mental health related issue, they’re currently working on a cause but the doctors know for a fact that it’s not that since i have no significant trauma that could cause them….and it makes me feel bad for everyone on here sharing their stories and i don’t fit the same standard and i start to feel invalid cause everyone seems to have PTSD and trauma and i don’t have that and it makes me feel guilty for having it on here.


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  • Thasia


    Please don’t feel guilty or not valid. Everyone is different. They will find out what is causing yours and then you will be able to relax about it. Seizures are very hard to track down and classify yet alone figure out what caused them. With mine they gave me a diagnosis and when I asked what caused it they only said it’s possible that my coma did. So nothing definitive. But I concentrate on I have them, how do I take care of myself and do the best I can to prevent them. Relax and be thankful you’re different.

  • Tinaja


    I had them before ptsd but had undiagnosed celiac

    • AppleJuice


      dang, may i ask what type of seizures you were having?

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