Is there a surgeon who can remove the Thymus gland using the robot in NJ or NY areas? Thanks!

Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

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  • Jimjr


    Unknown, your neurologist would best answer that.

  • ZebracornV


    There is a global thymoma support group on Facebook with about 2000 people in it. People share what surgeons in what state they used all the time. Also I believe there is a list of surgeons at

  • DeMoonlight


    This isn’t Nj or Ny but I had mine removed robotically in Philly at Penn

  • cabbage


    My surgeon does not want to do the surgery as he is saying I am to weak for this ,so what do we do if no antibodies are found but have a swollen thymus ,where do we go and who do we see

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