All of my vitamin levels are AWESOME! Which is confusing because why do I feel so bad.. even my doctors say that usually somebody is deficient in 1 or 2 vitamins but mine are perfect 👌🏽 which also lets me know that somebody is still wrong 😑 😣😣




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    I’ve experienced the same great lab results when I had chronic fatigue so badly years ago. I was sleeping 23 hours a day. Only awake to eat. Those doctors told me I should see a shrink cause there was no physical explanation for my exhaustion. I was already on antidepressants, so that didn’t make sense and frankly pissed me off. Many years into CF hell, I saw an acupuncturist for back pain but I realized the treatments were increasing my energy level and easing my hormonal symptoms ever so slightly. The longer I saw the acupuncturist, the better I felt - but it was still unclear what my main issue was. (And still very much overweight.) Then, I found a doctor who did much more extensive testing (on my digestive enzymes, Candida and food sensitivities). I was able to have custom vitamin formulas made and was told which foods to avoid. Put on a glycemic stable diet and gradually I began to exercise. It took me 3 years to crawl out of that hole. I felt tons better but not back to my old self. Then, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Took 3 doctor changes to find one who understood how to prescribe the right dose (though it changes often and when the dose isn’t just right I feel like crap). Same doc tested hormones and said I’m estrogen dominant also and now take progesterone. I may never feel energized or invigorated, but at least most days I can get out of bed. Motivation is not plentiful, but I’ll take what I can get. I don’t understand how I went to so many doctors as sick as I was and they just dismissed me for so long because my “labs looked fine.”

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