hi, i have pcos and i’m just here looking for support and community. hoping to connect with others with pcos and stay motivated while trying to relieve my symptoms.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • POTSie96


    Hi! 26 with PCOS and other chronic conditions here!! :)

  • curly_spice


    hi!!. i started taking my condition seriously in 2019 and since then have done a lot to try to relieve the symptoms. i guess what lifestyle changes have helped you the most that you’ve found?

  • ocean95


    Hi I’m 26 and also have PCOS! just continuing to try to balance my hormones.. having troubles with hirsutism but hanging in there

  • HLizzie


    Hey! I’m 37 and have PCOS too. I was diagnosed after having trouble becoming pregnant. A lot of metformin and a miscarriage later, I finally have a consultation with a fertility clinic next month. Hoping to find some support and community here too.

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