Today I felt like I wanted to just go out and do something tbh and like I guess I had fun but i feel super alone now, i feel like bored and kinda sad I wanna get up and hang out with my friends but i feel tired. And I would feel guilty if I didn’t seem interested in what they were talking about or what they wanted to do


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  • Masscrystal


    Ya I get you when I have a really fun time out of the house sometimes I get sad when it’s over and feel lonely. Releasing the feeling helps like playing music or playing video games helps a lot for me

  • Kid


    I get this constantly, idk I love my friends so much and the feeling of saying bye and leaving just feels so hard for me. I cant help it, I always call or text them after anyways. That empty feeling consumes me and I cant get over it

    • Masscrystal


      ya saying bye is hard but figuring out how to enjoy your own company helps a lot

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