I feel constant guilt if I’m not constantly contributing to something. Even if I don’t feel well physically or emotionally I find it very difficult to take care of my needs.
Any advice on overcoming that guilt?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Soskae


    You can not be helpful if you overwork yourself. I struggle with this a lot because I can not live independently and rely on 3 caregivers but my first sentence is true. If I over work myself because I want to feel helpful k am much less helpful after and I’m not that helpful to begin with. It’s extremely hard to watch people do things especially for you and feel like you can’t contribute like you want to. But the people close to us know that some aspects of our relationship with them will be unbalanced. For example my fiancé does a lot of the chores around the house because he is more physically able but because he has social anxiety I do all the talking when we’re in public if he’s feeling uncomfortable. It’s important for us to feel fulfilled and to do our part we just have to recognize how we can best do that.

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