I was diagnosed with RA I was relieved that it had a name!! I’ve been been experimented on with by my Dr.’s that we are learning right along side of me what would have worked!! Unfortunately for this ominous disease, I had to escape a (let’s just say “a very bad situation”) and I now like in Tennessee and apparently Tennessee doesn’t have a low income (or zero income) medical insurance company. I’ve lived in California for pretty much my whole entire life and this struck me as screwed!! Cold turkey my humera and as I am getting flairs as if evil little elves or pixies play wack-a-mol on my joints EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!
Do anyone have any advice for me?!?
For pain, I do the delta 8 vape thing and this help me rest and wind down, but basically I’m just getting used to it!!

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  • Misotherat


    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with the loss of insurance 😥 When the pain gets really bad for me I like to lay on a heating pad, take a long hot shower, and try to stretch. I also take Xeljanz which has helped me SO much. They have a patient assistance program based on your income and I get the medicine for free.

  • ThisIsFine


    My doctor and I noticed that when my inflammation is high my RA & pain are much worse. For me, junk food is very inflammatory. When I just eat meat and veggies and drink water much of the inflammation goes away. I hope you figure out a solution for insurance soon!

  • Lilbluerose22


    I've had RA almost 18 years. No insurance....

  • Berrygray


    Maybe try calling the number on the humira website and talk to an insurance specialist? They’re very helpful people and may be able to find a way for you to get your humira again even with out insurance. I hope you find some relief soon!

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