My endometriosis pain primarily resides in my very low back, pretty much at my tailbone. I think it’s possible that I have adhesions behind my uterus, maybe even on/near my rectum 😞. Bowel movements are quite painful. Sometimes like writhing on the toilet painful. I spend a lot of time lying on my heating pad during my period. The worst of my pain is at the time of my period and two weeks after my period. Can anyone else relate to this type of pain? Two different OBGYNs have told me that surgery won’t necessarily help me. I’m in the midst of trying complementary therapies such as supplements and diet. My biggest fear is that the pain will just get worse and worse over time and it’s already quite bad, hard to imagine it being worse! Thank you for any insights or comments you might have! 🙏🏻


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  • Ksmilan


    I also have pain in my lower back most of the time and bowel movements are incredibly painful. While surgery might not be a cure for endo, a lot of people do find /some/ symptom relief. Excision is the best route to go, surgery wise, because it removes the tissue, but I've heard ablation can sometimes be helpful. I hope you find the help you're searching for! 💕

  • WhatADay


    Please continue to advocate for yourself. I know it is exhausting but when you are in pain that is so bad the pain puts you out of work or puts you in bed for a day or two or even just hours at a time where you find you can’t do anything due to the pain, then you have to keep addressing it and often with too many different ob/gynes -Keep on keeping on with stressing the fact that you are still in debilitating pain because I’ve had more than five OB/GYNE doctors tell me that it’s normal and I say no I think it’s common but this severe monthly pain is not normal! The pain that you describe coming two weeks after your period sounds like mittelschmerz which the German word for middle of the month menstrual cycle pains from uterus/ovary cramping which I also experience and it’s a b*tch! Don’t give up, and if you think you have endo then keep searching for a doctor who is known to do diagnostic laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis/adenomyosis or fibroids. Wishing you all the best on your journey towards pain relief, please update us again soon❣️

  • LilRedd


    You definitely should see your doctor and tell them about this! Your endometriosis can spread up to your intestines if left untreated, I speak from knowing another woman it happened to.

  • LilRedd


    A way to help this may be with pelvic physical therapy, it sounds kinda silly but it did help me with a lot of the muscle pain.

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