Is there a pain specialist I should see?

Chronic Backache

Paresthesia of skin

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • 80sGirl


    Depends on what's going on. What types of pain are you in? I was originally sent to a spine and pain management Dr for my back and at the same time had a referral to a rheumatologist for the tingling and numbness I was having. They were both referred by family Dr. The day I had the pain management Dr appointment the moment he came in the room I was in tears. My whole body was in the worst pain I was ever in. He took one look at me and asked if I ever heard of fibromyalgia. I was in my first full blown fibro flare and I didn't know what was happening to me but he did. He told me to see a rheumatologist so it was good I already had an appointment. He's still my Dr for other issues and I still have the same rheumatologist as well. I absolutely love them both.

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