i feel super invalid with my autism because i don’t experience hyper fixations. does anyone else have autism without hyper fixations?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Amaryllis


    I definitely have fixations, but I wouldn’t call them hyper fixations. I see you’re non-binary, but if you were afab, then understanding that autism presents differently in women than men can help. Women’s fixations can tend to be more wide ranging than mens.

  • ___


    I didn’t even realize that I had hyper fixations, but when I look back I actually did. Some of mine are/were: The Office (tv show), medical shows/YouTube videos, The Grinch, and planes. Hyper fixations can seem like normal interests if they aren’t odd things for you to be interested in. But also, maybe you don’t have hyper fixations, but that is fine because autism is a spectrum. Also, if you look at the autism diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5, hyper fixations aren’t needed for diagnosis.

  • stormithegay


    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think special interests is autism and ADHD is hyper fixations. they are often co-morbid tho. Please research more though because I could be wrong!

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