Is anyone else consistently tired? Like I can sleep for over 18 hours and wake up and STILL feel like garbage. I have vivid dreams every night too. My need for excessive sleep gets in the way of my everyday life and I don’t understand why I can’t function normally. Does anyone else have a similar problem? I’ve had blood tests done and seen several doctors but they all chalk it up to a bad schedule and laziness :/ I suffer from severe anxiety (managed with Zoloft) and depression. Hopefully someone out there has an answer


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  • Kaori


    I know that Zoloft can sometimes cause some fatigue but this seems way too severe for it to be just medication. I would definitely make an appointment with your gp to discuss this specific symptom. I had an extremely similar experience and was diagnosed with two different conditions outside of mental illnesses. I would make sure before you go however to try and be hydrated and eating healthy as possible so that your gp sees that it’s not a lifestyle issue right away

  • Bumblebees48


    Okay thank you, that seems like a good plan! Hopefully they can figure something out when I go back 🤞

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