Just got broken up with as a person with has bipolar disorder I just feel really numb

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Jay_Jay


    Was it because you are bipolar or was it the first time that happened since your diagnosis?

  • Hobgoblin


    Been there, just keep in mind if they weren't understanding of your illness they weren't the one. But you also need to take accountability for how your illness will affect the relationship. If your doing the best you can and it wasn't enough for them then that's not a relationship you need. My boyfriend gets pissy at me when I'm pissy and we've had some nasty moments, but when we're calmed down we talk about what upset us and what we would've liked to happen differently. Communication is important in every relationship, but especially when mental illness is involved. I'm sorry for your break up and hope you're able to find someone patient, understanding, and willing to work with you rather than against you ❤️

  • Smallfry


    I know what you mean. I’ve had some pretty bad stuff happen in my life and I’m just numb to it. I almost feel abnormal like I’m supposed to feel a certain way and I don’t. I don’t feel sadness or joy like a normal person. I did when I was on medicine but I can’t afford it anymore.

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