I’m diagnosed adhd but certain things point to autism more. Anyways I’m trying to find the right med combination and so far all my psychiatrists are not helpful at all. My adhd makes it hard to do things (executive dysfunction) but the stimulants make my anxiety sore. I’m on buspirone but it makes me terribly dizzy and really shouldn’t go with the remeron I’m taking. I need something that will help my anxiety and adhd the most. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed but not being able to do things exasperates it.



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  • dcgirl


    I was on buspirone and had to cut it in half bc it made me dizzy as well. I stopped taking it for other reasons though.

  • Quinee


    My husband suffers from ADHD along with depressive symptoms, and the psychiatrist treating him said it was one of the common symptoms of ADHD. As you said, Bupropion did not benefit him, so now he is taking Norpramin, which really helps him

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