how do i overcome my anxiety


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Animalnerd


    The biggest help to me has been therapy.

  • Chesbro99


    Medicine can help too. Just hard to find the right one

  • Rach_Williams


    Therapy helps me a lot

  • Kaylaaa


    This is a big question and it really depends on the severity of your anxiety. But therapy helps (and maybe even medication if they suggest it)! Some things help me at home, like sensory deprivation! I'll just go sit or lay down somewhere with noise canceling headphones on, close my eyes, and practice steady breathing. If I feel like I'm ramping up for an anxiety attack, sometimes when exhaling on the breathing I'll say things like "I am ok", "I will be alright", "I am safe", "everything is ok", etc. Another thing I do to calm my anxiety is called 54321. So if you feel you anxiety ramping up take as deep of a breath as you can. Then find 5 things you can see and look at the details of the things and just focus on them for a minute or 2. Take another deep breath, then move on and find 4 things you can touch and feel the texture of the item. Take a deep breath. Then 3 things you can hear (if you can't hear anything then you can make your own noises or even imagine your favorite sounds like waves crashing on a beach, waterfall, or birds chirping, your favorite song, etc). Then take a deep breath and find 2 things you can smell (again if you can't seem to find something imagine your favorite scent and what it's like and what positive feelings it brings). Then another deep breath. And finally find 1 thing you can taste whether it be a snack you might have close by, a drink, or imagining your favorite food and how it tastes. And then a final big deep breath. For me, this technique works just about every time. If this technique doesn't work for you, then you can ask your therapist or even just google for other "grounding techniques". If I'm having just mild anxiety ome day then I'll do something to distract myself like music, a TV show, a workout, or coloring! Hope this helps! ❤️🤗

  • kacie


    Some medications can help at least a little. Personally I try to keep my mind occupied on something else or concentrate on breathing 💕

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