Is it selfish to want people to start being proud of me again? I feel like I set the bar to high that now if I’m average I disappoint others and way above average is now just the status quo, I only tried so hard because it felt good when people were impressed

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  • cotorturi


    No! I do not think that it is selfish for wanting people to be proud of you, it is a natural human want.

  • Stronger_Now


    I can relate. But I have realized that we must stop being so hard on ourselves it is not healthy. We should celebrate our small milestones and be thankful for another day just to make an effort. I used to be a people pleaser but that was only hurting me because I was constantly seeking outside validation instead of building my inner strength and self confidence. This is key. Work on your self from the inside out, not the outside in. It is more sustainable.

  • D3stiny


    I used to be just like you. Every day I would seek importance and validation from other people. I would go to great lengths to make sure people liked me. First, I’d suggest being proud of you! That is very important because think about it, you’re doing these things yourself and you don’t take the time to appreciate it? Then is it really worth it? Secondly people that only care about what you achieved are not real friends. They shouldn’t only care about that, but also how you’re feeling, and how your day was on top of that. Learn to appreciate yourself more! You’re doing great 👍🏻

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