Can anyone recommend an as needed drug for anxiety AND irritation? I am diagnosed bipolar and bpd but I think when I get anxious it can present as irritation (mood wise).



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  • Cyberpunk370


    Klonopin works really well for me. I can take it as needed and they also take 1 mg at bedtime for sleep. It lasts 8 hours and there's no after effects when it wears off and it wears down really slow. In my eyes I call that clean versus Xanax which I consider to be a dirty drug because it makes you really cranky when it wears off and it only lasts 4 to 6 hours.

    • Cyberpunk370


      A while back I used to get really bad anxiety which was mixed with feelings of anger. After the klonopin kicked in I felt completely laid back and relaxed and the feeling of my stomach was gone

  • Cinnawut


    Klonopin was something I misused with alcohol, after a few months coming off the klonopin would put me into a rage at around 3pm in my school day so I would take more to calm my rage from the drug effects that wore off. For my irritability I found that a large dose of gabapentin before bed helped me wake up and face the day and a normal dose to start the day would help me the most. How’s your sleep? Adding in trazodone helps too.

  • Pisforpotato


    Hi there, I have used propanolol and hydroxyzine pamoate. Each are basically mild sedatives, and I found them useful. Totally up to you, but I definitely had to start at mild dosages to manage the drowsiness effects, but once you get past that, they’re great!

    • Pisforpotato


      Just to add, these are also non-addictive substances.

  • Lexgrace


    Lamotrigine and Hydroxyzine

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