Anyone else failing to connect with others; how do you break out of the isolation you’ve been in? I’m seeking friendships, but so far the road to connection has been made up of temporary and dysfunctional attempts. Somehow, I end up deeply hurt through my own doing or someone else’s and run away to try again. I’m having a hard time navigating who’s good for me and who’s not.


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  • Lib


    I have been living in my area for a little over a year, and I’ve finally made friends. And, honestly… I’ve found it’s easiest to make friends over a common suffering 😅 I’ve got a friend who I introduced myself to by complaining about work. Another friend by complaining about one particular coworker. Another by complaining about how many days im scheduled. Another by them switching my schedule without telling me. Everyone else I’ve made friends with, I pick a random thing about them that they had to put effort or thought into (how they wear their hair, their glasses, their eyeliner, their shirt, their bag, literally anything). If they make a reply that opens up the conversation more (basically, anything other than ‘thank you’) roll with it. Talk about the thing, why you like, where they got it/how they did it, how long have they had it, do they like it too? Or do they want to switch it up. Socializing gets much easier when you have a job I’ve found. I’ve become friends with someone just by complimenting her different scrunchies every time I see her. Or saying good morning in passing. Doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to be significant. But be consistent. As for differentiation between good and bad… I’m wary of everyone until I’ve seen them around a lot. Someone said good morning to me when I’d never met them before, and my anxiety went crazy. It’s hard, but things gradually become easier

  • Theearloflife


    I need to connect more with people also I'm highly motivated to be a kind person it's just who I am but I could be more chatty and open up more in life like I should I'm failing to do so idk really know what type of kinda app this is like place to talk about our disablities or a place to find someone special or maybe both I'm really confused in my life I just want to be loved for who I am & not given malarkey all the time

  • Tlao


    I feel the same and now I’m just trying really hard not to think of death as being better

  • ForestGypsy


    I am going through this exact same thing. Continuing relationships with toxic people that I feel stuck in and my mental and physical health are suffering

  • Ellie82


    One of the ways I break out of my isolation.. I have a gym I go to. I try to chat or at least ask someone how to use a machine. I found that over the years I have stopped friendships when the people drained me. It is better to have less friends who help feed your energy rather than more who drain it. One of the hardest things is when someone tells me everyone is suffering with depression. I want to scream at them and tell them not everyone has my level of depression and thank God they do not.

  • Charizard02


    I just moved to where I'm living now and still don't have any friends nearby after 9 months of being here

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