what’re some ways to cope with paranoia and intrusive thoughts?


Delusional disorder

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  • Muffie


    I ask myself how would a friend talk to me if I voiced my concerns, or how would they deal with these thoughts. Sorry if I’m not much help, I rely heavily on medication.

  • bzzzcow


    honestly, get a comfort item bro! I suggest looking for a plushie or toy that stands out to you. if you’re attached to an item emotionally, keep that item with you at all times! it should help with being paranoid. and for the intrusive thoughts, think about it this way; if you heard your closest friend/family member saying these things to themselves how would you feel? would you try to make them feel better? would you try and show them everything they’re good at and stuff? if you would, maybe try being your own friend! try new things and see what you’re good at, the more active you are the higher your self esteem with be, and although that may not help a lot with the intrusive thoughts, it should cut them down quite a bit!

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