My itching is UNBEARABLE lately. Full body, no triggers that I’ve been able to identify. 2 Benadryl helps but then I’m passed out all day. My other meds/lotions are not helping. What works for this?


Mast cell activation syndrome


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  • Bijoux_bean22


    Benadryl make a cream that might be worth trying. If that doesn’t work I would try taking Famotidine or Ranitidine with the Benadryl. Benadryl affects h1 and the others are h2. It sounds weird but can sometimes reduce the drowsiness. Do some research before trying anything though.

  • Laska


    Are you sensitive to temperature? I noticed that too hot or too cold of weather sends me into these types of episodes, also hot water in the shower.

  • Hypochondriac


    Try to change your washing powder, move to cotton clothes and sheets. Have you had an allergy test?

  • chxrryblxssom


    I haven’t found a treatment that’s worked for me. Benadryl doesn’t even help me.

  • bomb


    steroid ointment helps me, does wonders.

  • Jordan_Leigh


    Xolair has been a life changer for my itchiness

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