Hey everyone, what kind of strategies do you use to help with anxiety?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Jess1980


    Breathing exercises and meditation. Walking, especially in nature. Giving myself something to distract from the anxiety that I enjoy and can focus on that isn't too overwhelming.

  • CassieClaireeee


    Look up Box Breathing method, do some grounding exercises, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has helped a lot with the distorted thoughts, also try doing som research on the Vagus Nerve- specifically icing the vagus nerve

  • Ares4


    I love box breathing. For times when that’s too hard, taking a piece of ice and moving it around in your hands can really help for a few minutes.

  • s133py


    Using a nursery rhyme with a slow pace to control my breathing to it has helped me a bit

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