Have you had to have a pacemaker. I am 44 and facing a pacemaker.

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  • BadKittyNoSushi


    I personally haven't had to get one, but my mother, who is 77, recently got one. The procedure went very well and fast. I don't think she had to stay overnight even. She had a bruise at the site for a little while but that's about it. She used to have fainting spells and was afraid she would have to stop driving for fear of fainting at the wheel, but she is very happy now that she knows she can continue to be independent and get herself around.

  • Beej


    My friend has a pacemaker & my elderly sister has one. My sister no longer passes out. I, personally would not be afraid of getting one if needed. Good luck to you.

  • Shannond


    I got a pacemaker where my tummy is i got a pacemaker when i was to and i have been cut opened 3 times for it

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