Seems like every month my period turns me into a crazy person. I can’t manage my emotions, anxiety and depression go to the extreme. Then once I get my period I’m back to normal. I’ve tried birth control, antidepressants, exercise, healthy eating, talk therapy, and so much more with little to no relief. Is anyone else going through this or have found relief? I really need help…

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)


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  • Egilsdottir


    same! I’m at the point where I am considering a hysterectomy just to put a stop to it. I feel like I have tried everything from exercise to birth control to supplements to antidepressants and nothing helps.

    • Musicbee


      it’s so hard but we can’t give up or do anything drastic… hopefully there is something that will help us ❤️ 😥

  • beanathon


    Sounds like PMDD. There are approved birth controls specific for that but I find what helps me most is weed…

  • Hazzard


    I've been there too. I talked with another OB-GYN doc at my regular OBGYN doctor office and she recommended I could try (progesterone only) Nexplanon birth control for PMDD symptoms... Which are the premenstrual symptoms that made me feel wild and crazy-like. I think so far it is starting to help with all of that. I hope this message helps you get an idea of what might be an option. I hope you get the right assistance for your symptoms hun. 💗

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