so, im afraid im going to sound like someone who is self diagnosing because i haven’t gotten diagnosed by my doctor, only by my therapist, she said i should speak to my doctor but every time i have gone, i haven’t been able to ask about it and my parents wont let me get tested. im not really sure what to do because i just feel like its getting worse and worse.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • hrvey


    there is nothing wrong with self diagnosis, given you do sufficient research. no one knows you better than you and diagnosis is a privilege. think of it this way: you need to self diagnose before bringing it up to a therapist anyway most of the time. it is not like we dont experience symptoms until the moment we receive a diagnosis! i suggest trying to bring it up to your doctor again if possible. if not, try to come up with a written list of your symptoms and talk to your parents about it. you are still valid, diagnosed or not. remember, it is a privilege to be diagnosed. i am here for you :]

    • arsynwisteria12


      this message helped me a lot thank you so much. im trying to set up an appointment because i have done so much research on it because these things are so interesting to me, how the mind works is so crazy. diagnosis is definitely a privilege, i know some of my friends who have been struggling in a way similar to me in that they haven’t been able to get tested and it sucks! i will try and talk to my doctor about it again or even just to my parents because i think it will be good for me, thank you so much for this, it helped me a lot :)

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