Kind of a vent?
i don’t know why, probably stress or something but right now my brain won’t stop reminding of our trauma.
i really try not to think about it which i can get isn’t the healthiest, but it’s so hard to manage thinking about without spiraling down this rabbit hole of thinking why tf did we get dealt this hand and how unfair it is and that is just a very depressing thought process to go down

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Gracie1217


    That's such a hard place to be. Our memories aren't always our friends, and sometimes our brains do things that are less than effective. It's completely normal and healthy to note that what happened (a) shouldn't ever have happened and (b) was unfair. And it's even more unfair that now we have to do more work to deal with what happened to us. Sending compassion, friend.

  • Author93


    I can so totally relate

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