Idk if this is technically a mental health thing but it bothers me enough it causes my anxiety to bug out. So mostly a vent.

So like. I was in littlespace and I was enjoying time with my caregiver and it was really sweet and wholesome cause I told him I was hungry and he offered to make me food. But the second we got to the kitchen I told him what I wanted and he told me I’d have to do it myself. Now don’t get me wrong I would 100% do it myself but my littlespace physically can’t take care of itself. So I just agreed and shut down and started doing chores feeling disappointed again. It feels like relationships are just coming to terms with being disappointed all the time or at least getting used to the things you used to be disappointed about. At least for me that is what it is. I love my boyfriend to death but it feels like sometimes he doesn’t even know how to take care of me in that state. If he doesn’t that is fine but at least tell me before you agree to take the role of it. He doesn’t realize when I regress I can’t feed, bathe, speak, or even dress myself. But he just sits there and acts like I’m playing stupid. My coping mechanism isn’t a “game” or anything along those lines it’s away for me to cope and he doesn’t quite know what that entails. It’s frustrating.

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  • CarissaMae


    I know how you feel I’m frustrated every day and stressed out because my fiancés parents don’t understand yes physically I’m okay and I should work but mentally I can’t be around crowds and I have 0 patience. It’s just so hard sometimes 😭😭😭

  • TaetaeRyn


    You need to be the one to communicate that with him. I know it can be hard to do that in your littlespace, but when you’re not there talk to him about the details of what you need when you’re like that. Most people don’t understand, and to make it more complicated everyone experiences that coping mechanism differently and needs different things from their caregiver. Have an honest conversation about how you feel and what you need from him and go from there~

  • GrayZombie


    That really sucks, try communicating what you need with him when you’re not in littlespace and try setting some boundaries on what he can and shouldn’t say. also maybe for how long you can be in little space, so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed and has clear perimeters for what’s expected of him and for how long at a time.

  • GingerSnapple


    I know exactly how that feels. It can be really overwhelming. I know for me, telling him exactly what I need really helps or explaining how little space is for you and what you need before spacing.

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