I’m so sad right now my long distance girl dad had died and she is very upset she comes from a abusive family . And I always say the wrong thing and she’s mad at me her dad had passed away today. She makes so happy even though she’s so far away she cares and appreciates me and I just wanna do the same for her ..all I wanna do I pills and smoke a bunch cigs and . Have you been so alone that you don’t know what to feel know more ..I wanna grab the pills and lay on the floor


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  • Siobhann


    I am also in a distance relationship and my boyfriend’s mom passed away a couple months ago. I was just honest and said I don’t know the right thing to say but know that I’m here to support you no matter what. I let him know that if he wanted to talk about it, anytime, i would be there. You gotta forgive her for getting upset, she’s going through a lot and people react differently. Give her time.

    • Alex2drowsy


      Yea idk . She thinks I’m pressuring her she says and needs time to grieve… I think I made her upset about the death cause I said he wasn’t that good of a guy anyway cause he used to abuse and beat her. But she misunderstood me and is really mad at me and thinks I’m toxic 😭 all I try to say is I’m sorry and I’m stupid and she says i’m guilt tripping her .

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