Are there any treatments, besides meds, that can help symptoms?


Brain Tumor

Generalized pain



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  • Pristineravine


    I have brain fog and lots of executive function issues. I also have adhd epilepsy, and autism, no idea if it’s all related

  • SleepySkeleton


    I'm on Lamotrigine and it has helped me. Other than that, I'm not so sure. I work on creating healthier habits such as food habits. Plus, I've looked into neuroplasticity and try to practice playing an instrument and learn a new language.

  • Rosie003


    I've found that sleep and warm baths help ease pain

  • Pristineravine


    I’m also on lamotrigine. I take it for my seizures. 400mg and my seizures are finally controlled. I’ve been wanting to learn how to play an instrument. I’m trying to learn Spanish, but it’s going very slowly.

  • Pristineravine


    Definitely need to get more into baths. I have severe depression and hygiene can be impossible during an episode, but when I can do it it’s heloful

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