I downloaded this app feeling so hopeful and excited that I could finally maybe connect with people who could relate to the experiences I have had because of my chronic illnesses. Because I have never felt that in real life. And now I feel worse than I did before I downloaded this app because i can’t even connect to or talk to anyone here. It’s like, my brain is laughing at me for really thinking I could meet people and that anyone would care about what I have to say. I just feel so dumb and sad. I know I sound like a child right now. I’m sorry. It’s just painful not having a single friend. Not one. Thanks for reading this far.

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  • JBug7677


    Why can't you connect with or talk to anyone? I don't really have any friends in real life other than my boyfriend. I've only been here for a week or so and I've chatted with a couple people a little bit. You can send me a private chat if you'd like..... 🤗

  • Bergeron


    I think we have to give it time for the community to grow. It seems like this app is just being launched or relaunched and needs that time to cultivate a following. Don’t give up!

  • mulch


    Jbug I am the same, my boyfriend is my only friend but even he doesn’t understand some of the things related to my illnesses. I don’t know why I can’t connect in real life. It just hasn’t happened since I was in middle school :( on here I got the courage to send some messages but no one replied to me. Bergeron that’s true thank you for your reply. I was just feeling really sad and couldn’t tell anyone when I wrote this post and was desperate for a connection. I’m sorry it was so whiny. Thanks for replying you guys.

  • xancut


    i’ve found this app kinda helpful, it’s personalized around like minded people and with people who kinda get where you’re coming from. i feel comfort reading and responding to posts on the feed. what i’ve seen most people do is make a post introducing themselves and people kinda just flood in and message them

  • xancut


    i feel like maybe making an introduction post could help ?

  • ilikecats


    mulch, it looks like we’re 81% alike. If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me!

  • Bubble_Nugget


    We’re here for you! You and I are 84% alike, so you can reach out if you ever need someone to just listen.

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