Sometimes I feel ashamed for having hyperfixations and talking about them out of the blue when someone mentions something slightly related to them.
It's honestly amazing how I've seen so many people being super supportive of people who have hyperfixations and encourage them to talk about it more, but I've gotten mocked/brought down so many times I can't help but to feel like I'm being super annoying when I talk about my interests.
Is this normal? I don't even know why I feel guilty aaaaaa

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  • SBelleC


    My partner we are 99% sure has adhd as well. He hyperfixates on games and comics a lot. I don't like games all that much (at least the ones he likes) and I do like comics a little but not to the very far depths that he does lol. But I would sit and listen to him forever. Or at least as long as my adhd brain would tolerate. But I love hearing about all the things (: he used to tell me about them until I fell asleep at night. There are wonderful people out there that love to hear about special interests. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for being happy.

  • Mysteria


    I’ve found that it really depends on who you are talking to. I’ve luckily cultivated a friend group that’s all neurodivergent so we just jump between our hyperfixations and it’s really fun. I had to learn kinda who I could talk to like this and who would be weirded out by it. This helps me because my rsd is really bad so if I can avoid getting rejected I do. Overall I think you just need to find your people. If your friends are judging you then they are not the correct friend

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