Anything you’ve found/done that significantly improved your quality of life?



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  • clueless


    Getting 8+ hours of sleep each night. My sinuses are so much more sensitive when I’m not well rested and once the eye watering starts, the sniffling starts, then the sneezing, then the wheezing, and it just turns into a whole mess that ends up forcing me to sleep early anyways except with the added bonus of more meds.

  • Ceecee


    Well I have still been on my medication even though the doctors said I only need it if I can hear myself wheezing. I remember I would always have asthma attacks, there would be times where I could not breathe and I was gasping for air. I have been working on my health both physically and mentally. It has helped me a lot.

  • lalaleo


    Me too a lot when I was younger

  • lalaleo



  • Jenny76


    Plant based diet

  • AlwaysCongested


    Anti-inflammatory diet made a huge difference for me. Let food be your medicine🤗

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