I’ve forgotten to take a few doses of my mood stabilizers which I have because of my anxiety and anger issues and it feels like we’re back at square one. I barely know any coping skills and the only one that remotely works is deep breathing. I don’t know what to do because I’m very anxious again and I have to restrain myself from getting really angry/acting on my anger about tons of stuff every day.


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  • burgersoup


    I usually feel out of sorts if I miss a dose and I've been taking meds for about five months now. Keep them in a place it's easy to remember (I sit on my couch and get my bearings together before work, so I keep them on the coffee table) and take them at a consistent time.

    • Mikeyy


      thanks that will help I think

  • kaykaybear


    Although I don't take any medications I stick to a tight schedule about vitamins lol. Set an alarm everyday! The ones that repeat on your phone. A time that's good for you and maybe keep the medication in a nice space where you spend a lot of time. Hope all becomes well :)

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